2018 Rule Changes

  1. General Rules – Section 6.8


Ideally we would like all crease markings to be remarked between innings.


  1. Match Rules Section 8.4


The fee to get an umpire to carry out an inspection is now stipulated at £20 in line with the Alliance.


  1. Competition Format


The most obvious change is the format. Therefore the rules now reflect 50 overs for the Carter Cup and Carter/NACO Cup and 40 overs for the Lady Mary and Carter/NACO Shield.


  1. Document Layout


This gave the opportunity to tidy up the layout so that all Match Regulations for all competitions are within one section, with a separate section specific for each competition relating to start times and tea etc.


  1. Match Regulations


  1. Section 9.3


The Minimum overs in the second innings to constitute a match is 20 overs for the 50 over competitions and 15 overs for the 40 over competitions.


  1. Section 10.2


The wording regarding fielding restrictions has been changed to bring in line with style of ECB competitions. Now states that the ‘At the instant of delivery no more than 5 players shall be permitted outside the fielding restriction area’.


  1. Section 10.5


The 17 inch guidelines are to be included in the pitch markings and to be in a colour other than white to aid visibility.


  1. Section 10.8


This covers the playing or gets in a position to play a reverse sweep or switch hit therefore negating leg side wides.


  1. Section 10.10


This confirms that we will be following the new laws in that all non-pitched balls above waist will be no balls.