Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why is the competition changing – can’t we still have the two competitions?

A. In the current climate both financially and administratively it makes sense for the competitions to merge. It also avoids fixture date conflicts and helps the Norfolk Cricket Board arrange their coaching commitments.

Q. Are there any other benefits?

A. The benefits of a merger is that it will provide one organisation providing Sunday knock-out cricket for Norfolk, providing a competition for teams at all levels. “One competition that fits all.” It also reduces costs wherever possible for clubs in terms of travel & hospitality; it also reduces the chance of mismatches whilst still retaining the element of smaller clubs being able to progress against more senior clubs.

Q. My club was in the Carter Cup last season but now we are in a different competition – why?

A. Being a completely new competition we have had to come up with a new format and we have had to completely reorganise the structure – in order to do this we believe that working on the cascading pyramid of Norfolk Saturday League cricket from the EAPL clubs into the Alliance Premier and progressing down is the most fairest way of achieving a reorganisation.

Q. We know the club above us in the pyramid is unlikely to enter, will we be able to take their place?

A. As we are working on a cascade system if a club from the EAPL or Alliance does not enter, the next placed Club on the cascade system will be offered the vacant position; therefore, YES. Any dispute over this will be resolved by the Management Committee.

Q. So we were playing in the Carter Cup last year and are now in one of the other competitions is there any chance of us getting back into the Carter Cup and playing 60 over cricket?

A. Yes, we have built into the competition promotion and relegation systems therefore giving the clubs in the other competitions every chance of attaining a place in the Carter Cup in future years.

Q. Where can I find details of the Competition structure, Constitution & Rules?

A. Details can be found on the rules and constitution pages.

Q. If we win promotion do we have to be promoted as we feel happy at the level we are playing?

A. No, you can turn promotion down if you so wish – if you do this the promotion place will be offered to the losing finalists.

Q. If this happens will we be able to achieve promotion in future seasons?

A. Yes, turning down a promotion will not jeopardise your club in future seasons.

Q. Is there are any prize money?

A. No, but we will be providing trophies for all winning and losing clubs in the main competitions and will also present individual trophies to players, scorers, umpires and man of the match in the finals.

Q. We are not in the EAPL or Alliance – can we still enter?

A. Yes the competition is open to all clubs who are affiliated to or are recognised by the Norfolk Cricket Board.

Q. If we find that we can’t get a side out on the Sunday of the game what will happen?

A. Unfortunately you will forfeit the game and be scratched from the competition – your club may also face a fine, details of which can be found in the Constitution.

Q. Could we amalgamate with another Club and then enter?

A. The Management Committee would have to examine the strength of the amalgamation and then give a decision.

Q. Do we have any voting rights?

A. Yes, there will be an AGM at a time, date and venue decided by the Management Committee and all member clubs will have a vote and will be allowed to bring proposals to the AGM.

Q. How has the latest committee been formed?

A. In the interests of consistency and for the first two years, the Management Committee has been filled by members with the appropriate expertise from the existing Carter Cup and NACO Committees.

Q. Who is on the Committee?

A. David Coventry – Chair (Carter Cup), Graham Richardson – CEO (Carter Cup), Steve Tate (Carter Cup), Brian Broom (Carter Cup), Barry Toombs, Nigel Crickmore, John Moore and David Coe (Secretary) all Norfolk Association of Cricket Officials.

Q. Can I join the committee?

A. If the committee in the 2015 and 2016 seasons feel there is a need to co-opt, you may be offered a post on the Committee. From the 2017 season there will be a will be an election procedure but both R G Carter and NACO will retain their committee rights.

Q. Will it work?

A. Yes, most definitely the experience of the new committee both from the R G Carter side and the NACO side is extremely knowledgeable both in business and cricketing matters.

Q. If we don’t want to enter the competition we are allocated to can we join another part of the structure?

A. The Management Committee would have to look at the strength of your club and then would decide which competition you would join.

Q. Publicity has not been dependable over the past few seasons, will this improve?

A. Yes, we have full backing from the local press and media and from now on information will be readily available electronically. There will also be a website which will be kept up to date with the relevant information.

Q. Sounds too good to be true – surely there are bound to be complications?

A. Like all new organisations and competitions, there is bound to be a “bedding in period and minor teething problems,” but we are very positive that with the cooperation of member clubs and our own expertise this merger will work.

Q. If the merger didn’t go ahead what would happen?

A. The Carter and NACO Cups would continue in their current form but without the benefits of a merger.

Q. Will there be a meeting that my club and other clubs can attend?

A. Yes, a meeting will be convened early in 2015 at a date, time and venue circulated by the Secretary, of which all clubs will receive an invite to attend.