A cookie is a small file that is available to be placed on your computer whilst browsing our web sites.  Your internet browser is normally set to accept cookies by default, but if you wish to do so, you can choose to alter this setting to prevent cookies being placed on your computer.

If you allow cookies, when you visit our website, a cookie file is added to your computer with the intention of enhancing your browsing experience.  We use cookies to help analyse web traffic and they allow us to provide you with a better website by giving information to enable us to statistically monitor how our pages are navigated and which pages visitors to our sites find useful and which they do not..  A cookie also remembers things like your preferences, and on some sites, if applicable, what’s in your shopping basket.  If you choose not to accept cookies you may lose these functions.

A cookie contains anonymous information and each cookie is unique to your browser.  A cookie does not give us access to your computer nor any identifiable information about you.

If cookies have been placed on your computer, you can choose to delete them by going to your browser settings.