Carter Cup Final 2016


Carter Cup Final – 2016

Both club’s involved in the 2016 Carter Cup Final Norwich and Swardeston have been approached as follows:

“As you will know, the Carter Cup Final has traditionally been held to coincide with the end of the Norfolk Festival. This has worked well for over 40 years but with the escalation in the amount of Sunday cricket over the years, the Final has increasingly become affected by fixture congestion and, as a consequence, the Committee and the Company are concerned that the affection towards and integrity of the Competition and its place in Norfolk cricket is compromised.

To preserve its integrity and traditions, it is important that it has a final befitting the Competition. Accordingly, the Committee has been considering moving the Final to the end of the season where it has the opportunity to be played without disruption and resume its place as the showpiece for Norfolk Sunday cricket.

Clearly we are going to have a similar issue this year and we would ask both Clubs to support the Committee by agreeing to its decision to move the 2016 Final to Sunday 4th September. In this way we can best maintain the importance of the Competition and ensure its future”.

The showpiece final between the two clubs that reached the 2015 final has now been set to be played as above with a 10.30 am start.